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302 Movie Free Download 720p BluRay Full Movie Download Free 720p Download.302 in small size single direct link

302 2020 Overview

A seductress prostitute lures her clients into a specific room which is numbered as 302. What she does with them once they are inside remains a mystery.

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1.Movie Name: 302
2.Movie Cast: Bhavika Desai, Vennela Kishore, Thagubothu Ramesh
3.Movie Size: 701 MB
4.Movie Quality: 720p Small Size
5.Movie Language: Telugu
6.Movie Genre: Crime
7.Movie Rating:302 (2020) on IMDb

302 Movie Free Download 720p

302 Movie Free Download 720p301, 302 investigates the relationship of Song-hee, a cook living in condo 301, and Yoon-hee, an anorexic essayist living in loft 302. The film starts with an investigator visiting Song-hee to research the vanishing of Yoon-hee. The investigator interrogates Song-hee concerning Yoon-hee’s very own life, Song-hee claims that Yoon-hee has no enthusiasm for food or sex. He at that point look Yoon-hee’s unfilled loft. The film shows Yoon-hee in the spaces around her home that the analyst investigates. The investigator discovers her anorexia medication and her composed work regarding the matter of sex.The film returns to when Song-hee moved into condo 301. Yoon-hee abstains from collaborating with her, liking to be disregarded. Tune hee starts development on her new condo and Yoon-hee encounters flashbacks of her experience of sexual maltreatment. There is a flashback to Song-hee pressing her possessions subsequent to separating from her significant other. He reprimands Song-hee’s weight gain and when the film moves back to her moving into loft 301, she communicates her longing to get thinner.Melody hee then visits Yoon-hee with a plate of the food she made. Yoon-hee doesn’t eat the food and rather heaves into the latrine. In the interim, Song-hee commends her autonomy from her ex and states her responsibility to starting to eat better. She brings Yoon-hee food a subsequent time. She attempts to make Yoon-hee eat frankfurter, which she will not do. Melody hee inquires as to whether she has been assaulted and afterward communicates her adoration for sex. Yoon-hee is noticeably resentful about the food and regurgitates again which annoys Song-hee who presumes Yoon-hee thinks she is sickening for loving sex. The film experiences an assemblage of Song-hee preparing and conveying food to Yoon-hee who therefore tosses the food into the refuse and heaves. Tune hee gets Yoon-hee taking out the garbage and sees all the food she prepared in the waste pack. She uncovers the food from underneath the refuse pack and puts everything on plates before Yoon-hee trying to compel her to eat however she heaves once more. Melody hee brings Yoon-hee to her condo and apologizes for her activities and afterward powers Yoon-hee to eat without wanting to.The film demonstrates a flashback to Yoon-hee’s life living with her mom and step-father in their family-run butcher shop. Her progression father over and again explicitly ambushed her. She depends on avoiding her family in a cooler, an offspring of a client sees her leave the cooler and chooses to enter the cooler too. The youngster sticks to death. The film at that point moves back to Song-hee and Yoon-hee in loft 301 and Song-hee at long last comprehends Yoon-hee’s thinking for not eating. She focuses on making food that Yoon-hee can eat however Yoon-hee keeps on vomiting in light of the food.WIKI

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